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Doctor Errors and Mistakes

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People make mistakes every day. We are not perfect, and you cannot expect perfection from a human prone to errors due to emotions, illness, inexperience and weariness. That is why doctor errors are a common form of medical malpractice. When a doctor makes a mistake of some kind and this causes injury to a patient, this may be classified as malpractice and may be grounds for legal action against the doctor or possibly the medical facility where the doctor is employed. If you were injured by a doctor's error or mistake and would like to get more information about your right to legal recourse, a Sacramento medical malpractice lawyer at Accident Lawyers can answer your questions and address your concerns.

What Constitutes a Doctor Error?

Doctors are held to a higher standard of conduct in regard to the performance of all duties associated with their profession because of the potentially serious repercussions a mistake or any act of negligence may have in their field.

A doctor error may include any action or inaction that a doctor makes in the diagnosis, treatment or care of a patient, when this constitutes a failure to provide a standard level of medical care and causes injury to a patient. Misreading an x-ray, forgetting to perform a standard test, failing to review a patient's medical history and forgetting to put a symptom or treatment performed on a patient's chart may all be examples of doctor errors. Any of these, no matter how minor they may seem, may cause serious injury to a patient and may lead to surgical injuries, misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, medication errors, prescription errors, birth injuries and other potentially grave situations.

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Sacramento Medical Malpractice Attorney

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